• Product features
  • Material and spec
  • Solder contact spec
  • Series configuration table(list)
  • Material and spec

    Coupling Push-pull
    Shell material Brass with chrome plating
    Insert  material PPS max temperature 260 ℃
    Contact material Brass with gold plating
    Termination Solder: SF6, SF8, SF10, SF12, SF16, SF20
    Crimp: SF16, SF20
    Screw: SF20(Ø2.5mm contact) 
    Cable outer diameter range

    SF6: I: 2-3mm, II:3-4mm(omit)
    SF8: I: 3-4mm, II:4-5mm(omit)
    SF10: I: 3-4mm, II:4-6.5mm(omit)
    SF12: I: 4-6.5mm(omit), II: 5-8mm
    SF16: I: 5-8mm(omit), II: 8-12mm
    SF20: I: 5-9mm, II: 8-12mm(omit)

    IP  rating IP67
    Mating cycle 500
    Temperature range -40℃~+ 85℃
    Insulation resistance 2000MΩ