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Automation,Artificial Intelligence
Signal,Optical Fiber and Pneumatic connections


Industrial Connector

Clamping claw cable fastening structure, IP44&IP67
Panel Mount Socket&Angled Panel Mount Socket
Surface Mount Socket, IP44/IP67
Panle Mount Inlet, IP44/IP67
Wall Mount Inlet, IP44/IP67
Connector, Clamping cable fix,IP44/IP67
Surface mounted socket, Cable inlet, More wiring space
18A8Pin, Plug, Socket, Inlet, Connector, IP rating: IP67
Plug, Socket, Inlet, Connector, IP rating: IP67
Socket, Schuko Connector, Pulg, IP rating: IP44
WH400A Series, IP rating: IP67
Anodized aluminium, Threaded, IP66/IP67
Provide high quality accessories
Patent design, PC+ABS, IP44/IP67
IP rating: IP44&IP67, PC+ABS
CRS cable reel: 38SP, PC: 33PP, IP44
Patent design, Rubber material, IP44

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