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Automation,Artificial Intelligence
Signal,Optical Fiber and Pneumatic connections

Material and spec

Coupling Bayonet
Shell material PC, Nylon66, fire resistance: V-0
Insert  material PPS, max temperature 260 ℃
Contact material Brass with gold plating 
Termination Solder: SY11, SY13, SY17, SY21, SY25, SY29
Crimp: SY17, SY21, SY25, SY29
Screw: SY21, SY25, SY29(Φ2.5,Φ3,Φ3.5mm contact)
Cable outer diameter range SY11: I:3-4mm, II:4-6.5mm (omit)
SY13: I: 4-6.5mm(omit), II: 5-8mm
SY17: 6-10mm
SY21: I: 4.5-7mm, II:7-12mm(omit), III:5-9mm
SY25: I: 10-14mm(omit)
SY29:I:9-13mm, II:13-16mm (omit)
IP rating IP67
Mating cycle 500
Temperature range -40°C~+ 85°C       Signal, Data: -20°C~+70°C
Insulation resistance 2000MΩ



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