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  • Technical Special

    Technical special  
    Product standard IEC 60664-1IEC61984
    Number of contacts Power4+PE  Signal 2
    Connect Contact Spec           Power(4+PE)
    Rated current 80A
    Rated voltage conductor 830V
    Rated impulse voltage 8kV
    Connect Contact Spec           Signal 2
    Rated current 16A
    Rated voltage conductor 400V
    Rated impulse voltage 6kV
    Pollution degree 3
    Insulation resistance ≥10^10Ω
    Material(insert) polycarbonate
    Limiting temperaures -40℃~125℃
    Flammability(insert)acc.to UL 94 V-0
    Rated voltage acc.to UL/CSA 600V/300V
    Mating cycles ≥500
    Material copper alloy
    Surface hard-silver plated
    Power Termination ≤0.3mΩ
    Signal Termination ≤1mΩ
    Wiring form Power Screwing
    Wrie gauge/AWG 1.5-16mm^2
      Signal Screwing
    Wrie gauge/AWG 0.5-2.5mm^2