Heavy Duty Connector(Rectangle)

Heavy-duty connectors are mainly used for electrical or signal connections between different devices or functional units, which provide great convenience for the installation and maintenance of complex control devices.
Heavy duty connectors are widely used in rail transit, industrial automation, mechanical equipment, electric locomotives and petrochemical electric power, etc. .They are standard electrical connection components for Industry 4.0.


Heavy duty connector housings are made of cast aluminum or flame retardant thermoplastic materials and are powder coated to withstand impact and mechanical pressure. SEALANT gasket between housing.The fire rating is V-0, which the product is for  IP65. All kind of the cable joints and different shell forms are for different installation,  provide a variety of different solutions.


The plug-in is made of thermoplastic material with composite UL94 V-0 grade fireproof. And the connection: Screw ,Crimp,Fragment crimping

※Design Standard※

IEC 61984、IEC60664-1、IEC60352、IEC60529、EN 175301-801

※Notes ※

1. connectors in this catalog are not allowed to be plugged in; 
2. Plugs and sockets can not be plugged in if they are not properly connected; 
3. The user shall provide appropriate protection against electric shock. Protection may be installed by means of Weipu covers and covers or by the user himself;
 4. The mating of the Weipu plug provides protection against electric shock to the fingers in accordance with relevant standards, even in the absence of mating use.