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Automation,Artificial Intelligence
Signal,Optical Fiber and Pneumatic connections

Circular Connector

IP rating: IP67, Coupling: push-pull, Brass with chrome plating
IP rating: IP67, Coupling: Push-pull, Brass with gold plating, Anodized aluminium
IP rating: IP67, Coupling: threaded, No. of contact: 2-9
IP rating: IP68, Coupling: threaded, Brass with gold plating
IP rating: IP67, Coupling: Bayonet, Brass with gold plating
Threaded coupling, Power&Signal, IP rating: IP67
Coupling: Bayonet,Nylon 66 / Zinc alloy, PPS
3+PE&6+PE, Nylon66, fire resistance: V-0, Screw&Solder
Coupling: Bayonet, PC, fire resistance: V-0, IP rating: IP67
Threaded, Zinc alloy with chrome plating, PPS
Threaded, Brass with gold plating, IP55\IP65\IP67
Bayonet, Zinc alloy with chrome plating, IP55/IP65/IP67
Bayonet, Plug: Nylon66 Socket: PC, IP range: IP65。
Threaded, Zinc alloy with chrome plating, Solder
Anodized aluminium, Threaded, IP rating: IP66/IP67。
Zinc alloy with black nickel lating, Threaded, IP55/IP65
Bayonet, Nylon PA66, Brass with silver plating, Solder
Rich and complete accessories
Rich and complete accessories, provide welding technical data support
Provide detailed parameters of core crimping, Equipped with corresponding tools
Provide detailed parameters of screw crimping

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